Lemi Intern Anywhere!

Calling all Gen Z! Lemi is looking for fun, creative, and committed interns who share the same passion for travel as we do!

What we do

Lemi is a travel app designed to amplify word of mouth recommendations from around the world. We foster a global community of locals and travelers that support local businesses by sharing them with other people.

Who we are

Our team consists of independent, passionate, and creative problem solvers. We love being surrounded by intelligent, efficient, and high-caliber individuals who hold themselves and their work to the highest international standards of quality. We are young in every sense, so come prepared with a good dose of humor, honesty, empathy, and openness!

We are looking for…

Individuals who are open-minded, extremely respectful, and have strong communication skills. Work at Lemi requires meeting interesting new people all over the world every day, so it’s essential that you are professional. We believe that good talent can be acknowledged anywhere and should not be limited to any geographical location so to make this internship better, we are accepting applicants from anywhere in the world!

If you want to gain experience and insight into what it’s like working for a travel company, then we welcome you to join us!

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How my butt helped fix font problems on the web

We recently decided to update the typography on Lemi, our platform for inspired travel recommendations. When our users create a list of places, and want to share them with friends, we automatically generate a beautiful web sharing page like this with a cover photo, map, and list of places, photos and writeups.

Previously we were using everyone’s favorite font Helvetica, but we wanted to show off our users’ creations with a font everyone could get behind.

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How Lemi helped RubyConfTH give delegates a great conference experience

RubyConfTH was a tech conference for fans of the Ruby programming language, held in Bangkok in September 2019. It was the first Ruby conference to be held in Thailand, and attracted over 250 delegates from around the world, including speakers from all 6 continents.

For many of the delegates, it would be their first time in Thailand, and so the organizing committee wanted to ensure they were able to make the most of their time in South East Asia.

RubyConfTH used Lemi to create a list of useful information and places for conference attendees. This included the location of the official conference hotel and party venue, coffee shops, restaurants and parks around the conference venue, as well as a curated selection of tourist attractions across the city.

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How to embed your Lemi content on your website or blog

Made some amazing lists on Lemi? If you have your own website or blog, you can easily embed your content from Lemi to share with your audience.

We provide several options for you:

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Creature Comforts: Traveling far is not the only way to go on vacation

The hustle and bustle of the daily grind might burn you out, so it’s a good idea to take a break every once in a while. You need to go on a vacation, but you also want to skip the hassle of booking flights and accommodations and creating itineraries. If that sounds like you, you need a staycation!

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It Goes Hand in Hand: Is the Zero-waste lifestyle necessarily sustainable?

What is Zero-waste?

Zero-waste is a lifestyle solution to one of the major problems in the world: massive waste that pollutes and destroys the environment. The goal is to create zero or next to absolutely no waste within the household and at the personal level. This means consumption without anything extra to throw away⁠—no plastic bottles, food packaging, or any disposable packaging at all. Recycling has to be kept to a minimum as well. Primarily, the idea is that nothing should be sent to the landfill.

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Local Potential: Why you should support local

Supporting local is becoming a trend all across the globe–and for good reason! Beyond the Insta-worthy mason jars, rustic found-object furniture, and handcrafted finds is a budding empire built on positive support. Supporting local means helping build personal relationships, local communities, and the local economy.

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The Buzz Works: Word of Mouth Recommendations Matter

Would you stick to a review you just read off a random website over a recommendation from a friend? Probably not. Word of mouth recommendations matter because they are genuine and authentic, based on real experiences and willingness to share. People generally leave reviews online because of negative experiences, to bring an establishment down. It’s an easy and convenient way to give “justice” to their negative experience—a tiny vengeance of some sort. Those kinds of reviews are not reliable because they stem from the need for self-preservation, not necessarily the need to help other people out. We believe that word of mouth recommendations are more reliable. Here’s why:

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Trip vs. Journey: The Better Way to Travel

The Good and The Bad

Taking a trip makes you have micro-memories⁠—short remembrances that might suffice for some. It’s quick, and it doesn’t take up most of your time so you can focus on other day-to-day tasks. A shorter period of time means spending a lot of energy, from taking an Uber everywhere you go to staying in convenient but not necessarily environmentally-friendly accommodations. This means massive carbon footprint that is probably not worth it for a two-day trip. Staying longer in your destination means you have more time to walk or bike around, take public transport, try locally sourced goods and other things that contribute to sustainability. Not only that, you have time to immerse yourself in the local culture. 

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Unethical Destinations: To go or not to go?

When you plan a journey to an unfamiliar place, you learn about the wonders of its culture, the things that make it beautiful, and also the problems its people encounter even before you go. A simple search online can easily turn up hundreds of reasons to visit⁠—or not to visit⁠—any destination.

What do you do when your dream city turns out to be a hotpot of unethical practices? The simple answer would be to not visit the place. If you still decide to go, what happens?

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