Move over, Asshole.

Without going into detail about companies that make money from the vicious spreading of negativity (creating an echo-chamber of ideas to create radicalised extreme viewpoints, destroying livelihoods in an effort to be “newsworthy”), or from the harvesting of life (whether killing animals for meat or killing trees for wood), there was a point in my life where it seemed to me that you needed to be an asshole in order to succeed in life or in business.

This was incredibly depressing.

I needed to prove, if only for my own sanity, that you don’t have to be an asshole in order to get ahead.

That is why Lemi has been built as an entirely positive space.

On Lemi, there are 3 types of posts. Recommendations, Wishlists, and Memories. There’s no point in bitching. You won’t have much of an audience. If you have nothing good to say, we’d rather you say nothing at all. Yes, we recognise that businesses make mistakes, but we also believe in giving them the opportunity to learn, evolve, and improve. Life is hard enough without one disgruntled customer dragging an entire average down with an angry one star rating. Besides, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

We don’t bother with star ratings. The grading system never takes into account the things that matter, like the effort and risk it takes to be creative, or think and do something different. Part of the challenge in today’s social media world is the fear of failure. Creativity and problem solving is built upon failure. In order to offer something totally unique, you have to be willing to try.

A perfect example is in the food industry. Most of the top restaurants offer the same style of dishes, in the same sorts of settings, presented in a certain style on our plates. It’s got to be “Instagrammable”. Well frankly some of the best foods I’ve ever tasted are not instagrammable at all, and many of the world’s foods were made accidentally. Would those chefs have been willing to try something totally different and odd if their one failure could cause the detriment of their entire restaurant’s livelihood? Laying off all your friends (your staff), losing all the investment it costs to build and set up the restaurant, all that effort to get all those licenses just wasted and for nothing at the end… all because you tried something different?

So no, I don’t believe in putting people down just because they tried something and failed. That’s just rubbish.

Instead, Lemi just focuses on positive recommendations. It doesn’t matter how small you are, or how big your marketing budget or expertise is. If your business is awesome, and if enough people recommend it, we’ll help you spread the word by broadcasting those authentic recommendations about you, for free.

So move over, assholes. Your cycle of negativity stops here.

Raising your first round of capital from friends, family and fools

Yesterday I spoke to students at a career conference held by my alma mater, and I was asked the question:

“How would I go about raising
my first round of capital?”

It occurred to me that the students had no idea that they were already on the journey to raise their first round of capital.

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The Lemi x The Chui Show Experience at the Philippines’ Culinary Capital

Chui was very passionate about food. He did extensive research about each dish’s history and it was inspiring to see that he had so much passion for what he does. As he said, every bite tells a story. It didn’t make sense to me until we went on this food tour. 

Lemi recognized The Chui Show as a great avenue to promote local hidden gems. Carl Chuidian, the host and producer of the online series, gives honest reviews of small businesses and he makes sure the food is highlighted in the best way possible.

I’ve always known that Pampanga has some of the best Filipino food in the country, but I’ve never tried authentic Kapampangan dishes. Luckily, I was asked to tag along to help film Lemi’s collaboration with The Chui Show. Through the Pampanga Food Tour series, I experienced the local cuisine while getting to know Chui as well. 

Sisig is one of my favorite Filipino dishes. It’s a very unique dish, propelled to fame by the Kapampangan version with broiled and grilled pig ears, jowl, and brain served on a sizzling plate. These days, there are more “mainstream” recipes but this particular version from Angeles City in Pampanga remains to be some sort of trailblazer.

I got to try the best of the best, the top 3 Sisig dishes in the province. It was fascinating! What sparked my interest the most was the variety of flavors. Each restaurant had a different way of cooking the dish which for me, showed the diversity of Filipino cuisine.

We also tried other Kapampangan specialties that I’ve never heard about before. We even tried dishes cooked inside large bamboo stalks!

Participating in the filming of the Pampanga Food Tour series was a wonderful experience. Not only did I get to taste local Kapampangan dishes, but I also got to discover other local favorites. What’s even more interesting is that a lot of the establishments we went to had cultural significance in the city. For a non-foodie like myself, this experience has definitely influenced me to become one!

Going on a trip to an unfamiliar location is quite a challenge. One of the struggles we encountered was that we weren’t able to try delicacies from all the restaurants because a) their specialties were already sold out when we got there or b) some of the dishes were seasonal such as frogs and crickets.

If you’re planning to go on a food trip around the country, especially outside of Metro Manila, it would be best to do some research first. Take note of store hours, read reviews, and check availability of the dishes. It would also be better to call the establishments, if possible. My biggest advice? Talk to locals as they know best—the best of the best, in this case. 

To watch the entire series, visit The Chui Show on Facebook!

@papschui is a wanderer and foodie whose quest is to find the best food place in the Philippines!

Follow @papschui on Lemi for more recommendations.

Lemi Fly You to Bangkok: Win an exciting trip with free flights, 4D/3N at Ad Lib Bangkok Hotel, breakfasts, dinner, airport transfers, and more!

Lemi and Ad Lib Bangkok Hotel are choosing a winner who will receive 2 round-trip flight tickets, 4D/3N in a Lux Plus Room at Ad Lib Bangkok Hotel, complimentary daily breakfast for 2, and a 4-course dinner at Ad Lib Restaurant for 2, free airport transfers to and from the airport, and 2-hour photo session with SweetEscape! All the photos from your photo session will be yours to keep!

We know how hard you power through the daily grind, we could all use a break from the hustle and bustle, so we’re here to help you go on a vacation that’s worth it!

What is Lemi?

Lemi is an app designed to save, map, and share inspired travel recommendations. Share your favorite places in beautiful lists or save ideas from thousands of lists created by our global community!

How to Win

Dream up your ultimate Bangkok adventure on Lemi and win a trip to Bangkok with a 4D/3N stay at Ad Lib Bangkok Hotel and a photo session with SweetEscape!

All you have to do is download the app or sign up on web, complete your profile, create your Lemi list with at least 4 posts featuring your top 3 must-visit places in Bangkok with Ad Lib Bangkok Hotel as your first post. You just might win a trip to make it all come true. Write your way to the vacation you deserve!

How to Join

You may join the contest by completing the following steps:

  1. Download Lemi (available on iOS and Android) and sign up for an account
  2. Complete your profile with accurate information
  3. Create a Lemi list with at least 4 posts
    • Ad Lib Bangkok Hotel
    • 3 or more of your must-visit places in Bangkok
  4. Each list you create on Lemi will count as a separate entry to the competition.
  5. Email a link of your list to (Subject: Lemi Fly You to Bangkok entry – @username) by the deadline. Include the following details:
    • First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name in Passport
    • Birthdate
    • Citizenship
    • Residential or
    • Permanent Address (where you will be flying from)

How to Create a List

Lemi lets you create lists of your dream vacations, favorite spots, special memories, and much more. The possibilities are endless! All you have to do is visit your profile on web or in the app, tap the “New List” button, and let your creativity flow. 

Photo by Ad Lib Bangkok (photos are for reference only)


The following prizes shall be awarded to one (1) winner:

  • 2 sets of return flight tickets (economy class) to Bangkok
  • 4D/3N in a Lux Plus Room at Ad Lib Bangkok Hotel
  • Complimentary breakfast at Ad Lib Restaurant for the entire stay
  • Complimentary airport transfers to and from airport
  • 4-course dinner for 2 at Ad Lib Restaurant
  • 2-hour SweetEscape photo session with all edited photos downloadable!
Photo by Ad Lib Bangkok
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Lemi Thank You

The concept of Lemi revolves around word of mouth recommendations — you go to a place because your friend recommends it to you.

Mutual Benefit

When you post recommendations on Lemi, you’re not just helping other people discover new things—you also become the voice of small businesses, showcasing their best parts and the little things that make them special. In return, you get the chance to visit them all over again at special rates and experience the other wonderful things they offer.  If you haven’t visited a recommended place yet, add it to your wishlist and get a chance to get rewards, too!

In-App Access

We hope to get people to post more about places they love and share good experiences with friends. When you post about certain businesses, you help them thrive and gain happy customers. As a way to thank you, they provide rewards and vouchers as tokens of appreciation. These vouchers can only be activated once and can be redeemed within 15 minutes before they expire.

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New on Lemi: Web Content Creation

We know how much you enjoy sharing your experiences, so we rolled out an easier way for you to explore and create new content on Lemi. Our website is now jam-packed with more information and new features. Start creating your lists on the web today!

Easy, Breezy

You can now access your profile, explore lists and destinations, and create lists on your desktop. Log in through the website to enjoy everything the app offers and much, much more. Click on the “New List” button on your profile and type away. Get inspired to write your story. We’re excited to see what you post!

Massive Exposure

One of the perks of making your Lemi lists and posts available on the web is that they become search-engine-optimized, so more readers can easily find your content. Plus, your posts are automatically sorted into the right tags and categories. You won’t just reach a wider audience, you will reach the right audience. Your lists will reach Lemi’s global community as well as like-minded people online.

Anytime, Anywhere

Great ideas need to be written down. All the inspiration that comes to you may now be conveniently typed out on Lemi, no matter what device you’re on. Some people like to snap, upload, and type on their phones while some need time to sit down and type on a keyboard. Whether you’re on the go or by your desk, you have options. Lemi provides you with a world of possibilities⁠—and it’s now accessible on web!

Lemi Intern Anywhere!

Calling all Gen Z! Lemi is looking for fun, creative, and committed interns who share the same passion for travel as we do!

What we do

Lemi is a travel app designed to amplify word of mouth recommendations from around the world. We foster a global community of locals and travelers that support local businesses by sharing them with other people.

Who we are

Our team consists of independent, passionate, and creative problem solvers. We love being surrounded by intelligent, efficient, and high-caliber individuals who hold themselves and their work to the highest international standards of quality. We are young in every sense, so come prepared with a good dose of humor, honesty, empathy, and openness!

We are looking for…

Individuals who are open-minded, extremely respectful, and have strong communication skills. Work at Lemi requires meeting interesting new people all over the world every day, so it’s essential that you are professional. We believe that good talent can be acknowledged anywhere and should not be limited to any geographical location so to make this internship better, we are accepting applicants from anywhere in the world!

If you want to gain experience and insight into what it’s like working for a travel company, then we welcome you to join us!

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How my butt helped fix font problems on the web

We recently decided to update the typography on Lemi, our platform for inspired travel recommendations. When our users create a list of places, and want to share them with friends, we automatically generate a beautiful web sharing page like this with a cover photo, map, and list of places, photos and writeups.

Previously we were using everyone’s favorite font Helvetica, but we wanted to show off our users’ creations with a font everyone could get behind.

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How Lemi helped RubyConfTH give delegates a great conference experience

RubyConfTH was a tech conference for fans of the Ruby programming language, held in Bangkok in September 2019. It was the first Ruby conference to be held in Thailand, and attracted over 250 delegates from around the world, including speakers from all 6 continents.

For many of the delegates, it would be their first time in Thailand, and so the organizing committee wanted to ensure they were able to make the most of their time in South East Asia.

RubyConfTH used Lemi to create a list of useful information and places for conference attendees. This included the location of the official conference hotel and party venue, coffee shops, restaurants and parks around the conference venue, as well as a curated selection of tourist attractions across the city.

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How to embed your Lemi content on your website or blog

Made some amazing lists on Lemi? If you have your own website or blog, you can easily embed your content from Lemi to share with your audience.

We provide several options for you:

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