The Lemi x The Chui Show Experience at the Philippines’ Culinary Capital

Chui was very passionate about food. He did extensive research about each dish’s history and it was inspiring to see that he had so much passion for what he does. As he said, every bite tells a story. It didn’t make sense to me until we went on this food tour.  Lemi recognized The Chui […]

Lemi Thank You

The concept of Lemi revolves around word of mouth recommendations — you go to a place because your friend recommends it to you. Mutual Benefit When you post recommendations on Lemi, you’re not just helping other people discover new things—you also become the voice of small businesses, showcasing their best parts and the little things […]

New on Lemi: Web Content Creation

We know how much you enjoy sharing your experiences, so we rolled out an easier way for you to explore and create new content on Lemi. Our website is now jam-packed with more information and new features. Start creating your lists on the web today! Easy, Breezy You can now access your profile, explore lists […]

It Goes Hand in Hand: Is the Zero-waste lifestyle necessarily sustainable?

What is Zero-waste? Zero-waste is a lifestyle solution to one of the major problems in the world: massive waste that pollutes and destroys the environment. The goal is to create zero or next to absolutely no waste within the household and at the personal level. This means consumption without anything extra to throw away⁠—no plastic […]

The Buzz Works: Word of Mouth Recommendations Matter

Would you stick to a review you just read off a random website over a recommendation from a friend? Probably not. Word of mouth recommendations matter because they are genuine and authentic, based on real experiences and willingness to share. People generally leave reviews online because of negative experiences, to bring an establishment down. It’s […]